Pendleton Heights: Putting a Footprint on the Housing Market in Pendleton

As the New Year is already upon us, we wanted to update you on one of our new construction properties, Pendleton Heights Neighborhood in Pendleton, Oregon. We were fortunate enough to finish construction on the first phase before winter hit, which allowed for us to begin leasing up the beginning part of Phase 1 and hold an open house in the first week of December to introduce the property to the great city of Pendleton. 

We couldn’t have asked for a better day in the month of December in Eastern Oregon. It was a bit breezy, which made it difficult for property owner Saj Jivanjee and city officials to hold the ribbon, but they managed to fight the wind, snipping the ribbon to mark the official opening of Pendleton Heights Neighborhood.

Approximately 100 people made it through the fully staged 2 bedroom unit and un-staged 3 bedroom unit at Pendleton Heights grand opening event. The level of interest and anticipation for the Pendleton Heights development has been tremendous. The housing market in the city of Pendleton has been trivial at best in recent years, giving Pendleton Heights the perfect opportunity to provide the market an immediate spark and offer housing for medium income individuals and family's. 

One surprising number that stood out was that the city has only issued 8 single family housing building permits though June, and with the addition of the Pendleton Heights Housing Development, we brought that number to 38. That is the single most single family housing permits the city has issued since it gave out 54 in 2002.

As Pendleton Heights continues to put its footprint on the housing market in Pendleton, this is just the start of an incredible housing development. There is plans to have a community garden, gazebo BBQ pit, play field, and even a sports court. That’s in addition to the 50 more townhome style houses that will complete the neighborhood over the coming years.

So don’t wait, jump on your chance to be a part of something new in Pendleton. A place you’ll love to call home. Call that home Pendleton Heights Neighborhood


Susan Nagode

Site Manager

I have been working for Cascade Management for over 30 years. It has been a pleasure to work for this company. They are very family oriented; which has allowed me time to be active in raising my three daughters and now to enjoy time with my grandchildren. I have learned so much working for Cascade. They are helpful in keeping up with all the changes that have taken place in subsidized housing. It has been very rewarding helping people and watching their growth and advancement in life. My time here should speak for what a great company I think Cascade Management is, they have treated me like family.

Denise Doty

Accounts Payable Specialist

I have worked at Cascade Management for over eight years, so I have had the opportunity to see the company grow and change during that time. The company's growth has challenged me personally to fine tune my skills which has been very beneficial to me professionally. Cascade Management continues to retain the "team" atmosphere that first attracted me to the company and I appreciate the availability and accessibility of my co-workers in the corporate offices.

Dave McCabe

Site Manager

As Cascade Management continues to grow it retains a friendly and cooperative work culture. If I have a problem at my property, I know there are staff members who will work with me to help resolve it. This applies to all levels of the company, from maintenance to marketing, accounting, and program compliance.  I appreciate how everyone in the company makes a meaningful contribution to the smooth operation of my building. Good property management is a team effort. Not all companies are so successful in integrating all of the aspects of property management into a successful team.