Christopher Sonsteng
Regional Portfolio Manager

Christopher holds the title of Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) issued by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).  He has been involved in property management since 2006, primarily focusing on multi-family housing.  During that time he was a member of the management team at The Yards at Union Station, managed Westridge Meadows Apartments, served as a Compliance Specialist for Guardian Management’s 15,000 unit portfolio, was the Compliance Manager for New Columbia Apartments (a HOPE VI property), and served as a Residential Portfolio Manager and the Interim Director of Residential Services for Bluestone & Hockley Real Estate Services.

He has served numerous apartment communities and portfolios with properties in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Texas, Nevada, and Montana.  He has worked with private owners, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Christopher’s experience includes extensive Affordable Housing Compliance training for portfolios up to 1,500 units; he has also managed multiple communities ranging from 20 to 535 units.

With an attention to detail, he has worked diligently to improve the performance of each property he has been responsible for including reducing outstanding delinquency, improving sense of community, ensuring that each property operates within the confines of its own particular program, maintaining compliance with affordable housing programs, and increasing overall profitability for the property owners. Christopher has extensive experience, training, and knowledge in property management, which he uses to assist his clients, staff, and coworkers.

Christopher enjoys spending quality time with his family, playing golf, billiards, table tennis, and was a two-time champion in foosball; additionally, he is an avid movie fan.