Dana Plop
Regional Portfolio Manager

Dana rejoined Cascade Management in May, 2017. She has over twenty years’ experience in Property, Asset and Project Management. Previously, Dana works for Cascade from 2006 until 2014.

Dana works closely with owners to ensure their mission is fulfilled. With experience in both the public and private sector, Dana’s current portfolio consists of affordable properties located throughout the State of Oregon and Washington. She currently oversees HUD, RD and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Section 42 properties. From a compliance perspective, Dana is extremely knowledgeable in the HUD, RD IRS, LIHTC rules, and related regulations.

During her work as Portfolio Manager, she mentored and trained onsite personal so that they can perform optimally, while also maintaining the highest-levels in management standards. Dana's expertise also extends to include an acute ability to manage external stakeholder relations, while at the same time resourcefully navigating policies between local public agencies.

Dana takes initiative and is a result oriented professional. Dana Plop is a pleasure to work with, as she is focused, hardworking, honest, and approachable. She is a leader, who takes pride in mentoring her team, and leading projects to successful outcomes.  She has a “can-do” attitude, inspiring trust and cooperation. Her passion for real estate is spotlighted by her passion for people, professionalism, organization and community. Dana’s expertise in budgeting, cash management, intrinsic knowledge of overall site operations, and resident services insure optimal fiscal outcomes, an asset’s physical longevity, and she has a keen eye towards ownership goals.

Dana holds the Certified Occupancy Specialist and Certified Tax Credit Compliance Specialist designations. Dana earned a Masters Degree in Construction Engineering.