Market Rate

Protecting and managing the return on your investment so you don’t have to!

Our dedication to Property Management has created strong and enhanced services in areas of Marketing, Compliance, Accounting and Property Management.  Our flexibility and strength of supervision provide the foundation for all we do.

Sophisticated Marketing Services

Cascade Management is an innovative industry leader related to lease-up strategy and implementation.  The sophistication of Cascade Management’s Marketing Department has given us a significant advantage in the industry.  Our ability to provide outreach efforts to the community, track lease up progress, and coach employees has allowed us to lease the last ten properties in our portfolio in an average of one month.  We are able to track occupancy on a daily and weekly basis, which leads to better management decisions and peace of mind for our clients. Some of the Marketing services we provide include:

  • Marketing Analysis
  • Target Marketing
  • Detailed Marketing Plans
  • Industry leader in absorption rates
  • Establishing stabilized and lengthy waiting lists
  • Pre-occupancy/design consultation
  • Innovative proven lease-up strategies


The budget for each of our accounts is developed at the Portfolio Manager (Supervisor) level.  The budget is reviewed and shared with site staff to establish an understanding of the larger picture related to the needs of the property.  Site staff need approval from their Portfolio Manager for any item not budgeted (regardless of cost) or any one item that is budgeted exceeding $100.00.  The budget vs. actual is then reviewed with site staff on a monthly basis if needed and no less than quarterly. Our focus involves:

  • Maximizing Rent Potential
  • Creative incentive programs that maximize rent income
  • Proven procedures that lessen turnover time and cost
  • Expense Controls: bid processes, invoice approvals, purchase order procedures
  • Annual detailed budget preparation and management

Screening Criteria

Our screening criteria is carefully designed to ensure excellent resident criteria that creates a great community while minimizing risks to our clients.  Cascade Management utilizes:

  • Established and thorough screening criteria
  • Custom tailored screening criteria for each property owner
  • Professional third-party screening through Pacific Screening Services

Professional Real Estate Improvement Plans & Procedures

Cascade Management takes great pride in our maintenance planning and procedures.  The goal of which is to reduce long term costs to our clients.  Additionally, proper planning allows for healthy, sustainable practices for the life of every project. Specifically, Cascade Management is able to provide:

  • Detailed Preventative Maintenance Inspections and Corrections
  • Capital Improvement Plans: short & long term, including replacement schedules
  • Emergency Response Protocols
  • Property Specification Guidelines

Customer Service

We believe that creating expectations for residents and management alike attracts long term, excellent residents.  As in our Mission Statement, we believe providing a positive and supportive environment leads to success.

  • Provide superior customer service to applicants & residents alike
  • Professional, trained & knowledgeable site staff
  • Create mutual and understood expectations between Landlord and Resident