Cascade Management, Inc. won a Landie Award

Cascade Management, Inc. continues to archive awards thanks to the excellent service it offers every day through our corporate and site staff. 

As an example of this hard work, community manager Ezra Parks, at St. Francis Park Apartments, recently won the Landlord Appreciation Award, for his compassion and caring towards tenants.

Ezra received this award during the 2nd annual landlord appreciation event, held in June 13th by Transition Projects. During the ceremony, Transition Projects presented a total of six awards, each representing one of their core values. 

“The award that Ezra received was in alignment to Transition Projects Compassion and Caring core value. He won this award because he is wonderful to work with. He always tries to help connect with his residents when our case managers struggle. He has checked-in with his tenants who are struggling and provides support in a trauma-informed, client-centered way. His residents trust and respect him, as well as our Housing Department team at Transition Projects!”, said Beth Tryck, landlord liaison from Transition Projects.  

For Ezra, receiving this award represents an honor to be recognized by colleagues for something that he strives to achieve. “While working with Cascade Management, I have always experienced a positive, team-oriented atmosphere. I have been provided with the tools, support, and encouragement to continuously grow in this rewarding career”, said Ezra, who has been employed by Cascade since 2017.

The selection process for the winners is based on case manager nominations. Throughout the year, case managers can nominate housing provider partners that have gone above and beyond to support not only them, but the participants that they work with. Whichever property manager/landlord receives the most nominations from each category, wins!



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