Darla Lull
Director of Property Management

Darla began her career in property management in 1998 as a Portfolio Manager and joined the Cascade Management team in 2004. 

During her time with Cascade, Darla has led the transitions team and plays an integral role working closely with property owners and operational teams to achieve strategic revenue goals, ensuring an exceptional experience for clients and residents. She oversees the development and management of all Cascade's Portfolio Managers of more than 235 communities in the Pacific Northwest.

Darla also supports Cascade’s client relations experts as they assist property owners with activities including custom consultations, lead development, discovery, management transitions support, identification of business opportunities, SWOT analysis, strategy development, acquisitions, underwriting, due diligence, development and redevelopment consulting, critical asset reviews, market snapshots, requests for management services proposals, dispositions and capability presentations.

Throughout her 10+ years at Cascade, Darla has received two nominations for the Ace Awards Portfolio Manager of the Year.